As requested. Full orchestration from “The Aerie” through “‘Til I Hear You Sing.” Performed in Korean.

Just so much amazing!

… I actually enjoy the songs of this show when I can’t understand the lyrics

thank you, foreign productions

because the music is GORGEOUS and SOULFUL and all these things

but I don’t want to think about the plot of this show


Somewhere on the edge of your imagination, there is a Labyrinth…


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reminded me of the old days when we were all rooting for PJ to direct the Hobbit so that it would be guaranteed to keep in tone w the book

I was so upset when I though Guillermo del Toro was going to do it.

Now I wish he had.

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Not at all. So many cruel reminders of how great the Lord of the Rings films were, and how scattered and silly the Hobbit films are.


Not to knock those who like it. It’s just… it’s disappointing. Nearly ten years of waiting, of not knowing what was going to happen, if there was going to be a movie. And then we find out that PJ is back, and that he’s getting the team back together, and doing two movies to make sure everything was included, and I was so excited but now…


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… I’m in sudden need of Inuyasha RP.

Don’t ask me why. My askbox is at your disposal, as is my submit box.


I’m glad to be with you, Tolkien fandom. Here at the end of all things




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*sigh* I do admire Inuyasha’s loyalty, but I feel like he doesn’t really understand love, at least when it comes to Kikyo. As conflicted and upset he is over the stuff she’s done (given the jewel shards to Naraku and tried to kill Kagome) he’s willing to just ignore all of…

You’re right that Kikyo and Inuyasha were sort of engaged, but what I meant was that they never had much time to their relationship. From what the flashbacks showed, they got to know one another but never really experienced the sorts of things he has with Kagome (fighting side by side, traveling together, saving one another, etc). So what I mean is that his relationship with Kikyo was very short and probably not as strong as it could have been.

I do agree that guilt plays a large role in Inuyasha’s continuous loyalty to Kikyo, sometimes to his own detriment. I also feel like because of this he has put Kikyo on a pedestal and refuses to accept her mistakes, instead he tries to ignore them or defend them. 

In contrast, his relationship with Kagome is much more real. He argues with her, points out her flaws and vice versa, but more than that he has to live and work beside her constantly. In the end, their relationship will be much stronger and reflect a love that is faithful and true.

To be fair, his relationship with Kagome hasn’t technically been for that long either—actually, the entire course of the series runs for a year (though it feels much longer).  

There is an episode—two episodes, “The Tragic Love Song of Destiny” which sort of offers more detail to the flashbacks you saw.  The experiences of traveling together, fighting demons—Inuyasha and Kikyo do have a few—not nearly as many as Kagome and Inuyasha, and you’re absolutely right, his relationship with Kagome lacks that amount of dangerous idealism and is much more mature and realistic.  

Inuyasha has a tendency to blame himself for things that are out of his control.  I think it’s easier for him to blame himself for Kikyo’s wrongdoings rather than have to face up to the fact that the woman he loves is not the woman he thought she was.  

Yeah, very true. He really wants to save her but what he does’t realize is that she can’t be saved. She’s dead. She is the living dead. She can’t have a future, not with him. That is over. She died. She knows it which is why she wants him to die as well.

I think part of why he might consider dying to be with Kikyo is because he thinks that is what he deserves, to die. But at the same time he still wants to be a demon which doesn’t exactly fit with that plan either. Honestly, I don’t think he knows what he wants.

I also have a theory that if Kikyo had used the jewel to turn him human, Inuyasha still wouldn’t have been happy. Kikyo wanted to change Inuyasha not just for him, but for herself as well. She wanted end her duty. I do think she wanted to be with him, but she also wanted to stop being the Jewel’s protector as well. This tells me her love is a bit selfish. She wanted to change him in order to get what she wanted.

Kagome seems different to me. She loves him just the way he is. He doesn’t have to change to be with her. She wants nothing out of it, just him.

I think you’re exactly right—Inuyasha does believe he deserves to die.  I think his desires are conflicted and since Kagome’s shown up, he’s wanted more and more to become a full-demon.  And remember, his desire to be full-demon stems from wanting to protect those he loves.  Meaning Kagome.

That’s an interesting theory.  I’m actually exploring something like that—I’ve been working on an AU where Sango’s village was never destroyed, where she never lost her family to Naraku and Miroku was never cursed, because I’m curious if they would fall in love.  As a dedicated InuKag shipper, I’ve been contemplating how I’ll write Inuyasha, if he’ll be with Kikyo, if I’ll have Kagome show up, just how I’ll basically handle that.  

If I could offer an opinion -

I’ve really been of the feeling for a long time that the reason Inuyasha wants to die, at least where Kikyo is concerned, is because he blames himself for what happened to her, and by extension, to them. Once he learns that Naraku was behind it all, once he realizes that it wasn’t Kikyo who betrayed him, I wonder if he doesn’t feel responsible for what happened to her. He wants to die because he feels it’s the best way to both atone for what he did (at least what he thinks he did) and to ensure he’ll be together forever with the woman he loves. Or thinks he loves. At any rate I think he also feels bound to Kikyo because of what happened. He blames himself for what happened, because it’s in his nature to blame himself, and so Kikyo’s death and subsequent reincarnation is his fault. He must die to pay for that sin.

Inuyasha is a lot like how I imagine Erik to be, at least in a moment of sanity or clarity. He feels personal responsibility for what happens to the woman he loves and feels that he himself is damned for his desires and urges.


Guy Noir: Private Eye AU except it’s Mireille.


The fact that Asia Argento and Emmy Rossum look so much alike is a little creepy.

Also it suggests a design trend.

Does this mean Joel Schumacher saw Rat Phantom?



I illustrated that text post that was going around. A summary of their relationship.

I feel really bad for the Persian. Running around after Erik must feel like trying to manage a particularly ugly, homicidal child.

That’s it.  That’s their relationship.

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